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Welcome to SpiderWiki

This wiki is the primary method of data sharing for the SPIDER experiment. The public will have limited to no access to this data. If you are a part of the group and need to register, contact Bill Jones or one of the wiki administrators.

Codes of Conduct

All NASA-funded projects are subject to NASA conduct/harassment policies. For any NASA project that you may find yourself working on, you are encouraged to report any non-compliant behavior of, or knowingly allowed by, the PI or institutional PIs to the appropriate NASA program officer. Here is a link to the relevant people as of May 2024.

Posting Instructions

Spider team members, please place your posts within the categories listed in the AnalysisLogBook and cross-reference them in the Chronicle when they are ready for consumption. Suggested directory structure for posts is spider://AnalysisLogbook/Category/YYYYMMDD_description. Also:

For Wiki Beginners

Be aware that this wiki does not work exactly like Wikipedia. For more information, read the HelpContents. You may find HelpForUsers and HelpOnEditing particularly useful. To experiment with the wiki functions please use the WikiSandBox

For those of you who don't have time to read the more extensive help pages above, this will provide a very brief introduction to the MoinMoin wiki. Most of it is taken directly from the help pages, so if you want more information on anything, check there. If you have 15 minutes to spare read the WikiCourse instead.

A Note About Security

MoinMoin uses Access Control Lists on each page to control who can access the page and what they can do. At the time of writing, all the links on the left hand side were setup so that only people in SpiderGroup can even read the pages. The wiki is currently configured so that all pages inherit the permissions of the pages above them (for example, see AnalysisLogBook/TestCryostat). It is very important that you create any new pages under one of the pages on the left! This ensures that the information here is secure. To do so, simply prepend the page name with a forward slash (/). If you do create an entirely new page, using the HiddenTemplate will ensure that only SpiderGroup has access to it.

Editing Pages

From any page you have permission to edit, there will be a link on the left, in the bottom box, that allows you to edit the page. MoinMoin provides both a text based editor and a GUI. I have not used the GUI at all, so this help will only cover the text editor.

The editing page has a brief overview of the most commonly used formatting, so I will not cover that here. However, MoinMoin has a few quirks (or features, depending on how you look at it). First of all, a new line will not appear on the page- you must use two (or more). Second, MoinMoin treats any word that has two changes between upper case and lower case letters as an internal link. For example, NicholasHuang is a link but NHuang is not. If you do not want a word to appear as a link, precede it with "!".

To embed images (or anything else for that matter), use curly brackets. Images that are attached to the page (see the link on the bottom left- it does not appear on the editing page) are embedded using {{attachment:''name''}}. Images can also be embedded using urls: {{}}.

Wiki Courtesy

Since anyone can edit anyone else's pages, there are some general rules that should be observed. I doubt that anyone in this group needs to hear any of this, but it can't hurt.

The External Page

The server that runs this wiki also contains a password protected website for anything that does not fit well in the wiki format. Put photos, HTML notes, and other items in subdirectories of /spider/, accessed through the spider account on this server.